Rekindle showed a different side of downtown

If you went out to Rekindle the Spirit last Thursday, there was a nice chance to see a different side of Munising for just a little bit. Yes, there was a family-centric holiday event with plenty of characters to interact with, but it also showcased businesses and locations that many everyday citizens don’t think about often when visiting downtown.

HTC-Jamadots turned their new building into a winter wonderland, using the company’s blue logo as a nice backdrop for plenty of snowy scenes of holiday fun. It was a perfect opportunity to showcase a new building that has taken a prominent spot in Munising. At Peoples State Bank, the teller lines were now the line to see Mr. and Mrs. Claus. The Peter Jonas Community Band played tunes from the bank’s offices changing the environment from a banking institution to a community forum.

Other businesses we got to see in a different light from normal operations. The folks from Bald Eagle Harley-Davidson opened up the storefront to let locals be the featured customer. Tourists were more common during the usual summer hours, so to have a store open up just for us was special.

While Rekindle is primarily a holiday event, the unique opportunity to go to multiple businesses to shop, enjoy live music and eat tasty treats showcases the downtown district as well. This is an area often avoided by locals annoyed by summer tourists, much to the detriment of our local business owners trying to build a year-round client base. The work put in by businesses and employees to help make Rekindle happen should be recognized and celebrated as a testament to their dedication to making Munising a yearround community on top of their commitments to spread holiday cheer.