Fun with testing?

Munising Middle School students were offered incentives and fun if their score improved a significant amount. April is the typical testing time for grades K-11, and April can be very draining due to the hours and hours of state required testing.
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Career Fair in session

Natalie Holmes-Niven O&B editor and creative writer Munising High School Student On May 2 Alger County Communities that Care (AC3) hosted a career fair open to all schools in Alger County. This event was hosted at Alger Parks and Recreation Department (APRD) where AC3’s office is also located.
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Yoopers fare well at Forensics state finals

During the weekend of May 3, 2024 Kellogg Community College hosted the Michigan Interscholastic Forensics Association State Final event where students from across the state competed, individually and in teams, in speech, theater and debate. With 447 entries the tournament brought together at least 556 competitors from 43 schools in the school classifications of BCD.
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Most Munising High students prefer testing on devices

Heather Nayback K-12 educators are all too familiar with spring testing across all levels of public education, but this year a big change has been implemented, with the College Board offering the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) and SAT and Michigan continuing to offer the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) online. Munising High School students use their school assigned Chromebooks to take these assessments.
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Coordinating Safety: Inside the Alger County LEPC Meeting

The Alger County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) held their monthly meeting April 17 in the Munising Fire Department Training Room. The LEPC has representatives from all Alger County Fire Departments, the Sheriff’s department, EMT, Michigan State Police (MSP), US Park Service, US Forestry Service, Coast Guard, and the religious community. Its purpose is to ensure appropriate and coordinated responses to any emergency affecting Alger County and provide clear lines of communication and responsibility. The meeting was chaired by Emergency Management Officer Sam Grahovac and Emergency Management Coordinator for Communications John Imeson.
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How are Michigan schools funded?

Prior to 1994, Michigan’s school funding was primarily reliant on local property taxes, which led to significant disparities in resources between communities, as districts with higher property values could generate more revenue than districts with lower property values. Consequently, students in wealthier areas often had access to better facilities, resources, and educational opportunities than those in less affluent districts.
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