McBroom helps with Billerud funding

The state’s supplemental budget bill was signed Tuesday morning, Jan. 31 in Lansing, with a major private enterprise project receiving $200 million. The funding will be used to help the Billerud paper make necessary improvements to make newer products needed in multiple industries.

U.P. lawmakers were directly involved in securing the BIllerud funding into the bill, including local State Senator Ed McBroom (R-Waucedah Township).

“I’m grateful that the state has the opportunity to do that, that we can participate in this way and lay out some money to get the site ready,” McBroom said. “Get the infrastructure up to snuff, so that this company can come in and do their multi-billion dollar investment into our community and to the Upper Peninsula. It’s exciting to see it being revamped in such a way that we can be confident that it will be there for the next 60-to-100 years.”

The mill has been in operations since 1911 and employs over 1,200 workers. The project will also employee numerous constructions workers, electricians and other trades specialists during the construction of the roughly $1 billion project.

Other lawmakers like Greg Markkanen (R-110) and Dave Prestin (R-108) assisted from the House of Representatives.