Vietnam Veterans seek donations for renovation of Alger County All Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 237, are asking local units of government, area businesses and service clubs, as well as Alger County residents for donations to be used to replace the brick enclosure around the All-Veterans Memorial in Bayshore Park. They hope to raise the $20,000 to $30,000 necessary to demolish the existing brick enclosure and replace it with a satin bronze aluminum ornamental fence.

The existing brick walls were built in 1992 and are spalling badly around the perimeter. Repairing the wall is impractical and more expensive than replacing it with a maintenance free aluminum enclosure.

“Thirty one years on the shore of Lake Superior has taken it’s toll,” said Bill Nash, VVA member and chairman of the renovation committee. “The new enclosure will be attractive, functional and maintenance-free.”

Plans call for leaving the rest of the site intact. The memorial itself, along with the statue, fountain-planter and flagpole will remain unchanged as will the benches and memorial bricks.

The memorial was built in 1992 at a cost of $80,000, money raised with local donations, and it is dedicated to all Alger County veterans. The names of all those killed in action from World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam are engraved in the memorial plaque.

The site is visited by hundreds of people each day in the spring, fall and summer, local residents and tourists alike, and our veterans gather there each Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day to honor their comrades who died in battle.

The group hopes to raise the funds necessary by Memorial Day and have the newly refurbished site dedicated in a Fourth of July ceremony. Donations can be made to any member of the VVA or dropped off at the American Legion during normal business hours. Checks should be addressed to VVA Chapter 237, P.O. Box 237, Christmas MI 49862.