ACRC vacancies exempt from 30-day rule, says clerk’s office

The vacancy on the Alger County Road Commission (ACRC) does not fall under the same state law as other public vacancies, according to a statement made by Alger County Deputy Clerk Joel VandeVelde.

The ACRC is without one of its three board members after the death of chair Jack Hubbard on Monday, May 15. Questions were raised on whether or not the ACRC follows other elected seats that need to be replaced within 30 days or if there was a difference in procedure because the seat was vacated due to death instead of resignation, retirement or impeachment.

According to VandeVelde, there is no time limit to fill the seat because road commissions are not considered the same as other elected seats based on MCL 224.8.

“If a vacancy occurs in the office of county road commissioner, the county board of commissioners shall appoint a county road commissioner to fill the vacancy. The county road commissioner who is appointed shall hold office for the unexpired portion of the term in which the vacancy occurs. Each county road commissioner shall hold office until his or her successor is elected or appointed and qualified,” MCL 224.8 (1) reads.

Advertising for the position will be added to the county commission executive subcommittee agenda for the June 6, according to VandeVelde. It is expected that the county commission will appoint a replacement for retired commissioner Esley Mattson (District 3) before voting on a new road commissioner.