Hill applauds Marquette dam funding

Local Michigan Representative Jenn Hill (D109, Marquette) applauded recent grand funding for dam repair in Marquette County.

Marquette’s Carp River Intake Dam and Republic Dam secured over $1 million from Michigan’s Dam Risk Reduction Grant Program. To enhance safety and protect the environment, the Carp River Intake Dam will remove the upper spillway, reducing the reservoir by 10 feet. This move aims to lower the dam’s hazard classification and minimize risks to health and habitat. Additionally, the funding will aid in constructing rock-arch rapids at the Republic Dam. These rapids, equipped with step pools, will manage floods while maintaining river connectivity. These measures align with the grant program’s focus on sustainable solutions and highlight Michigan’s commitment to infrastructure resilience and public well-being.

“As recent events have shown us, if our dams fail, it can have profound impacts on both our communities and surrounding habitats. These common-sense investments will help safeguard the U.P.’s precious natural resources for us and future generations to enjoy. I will continue to advocate in the Legislature for more funding like this to repair and strengthen our region’s water infrastructure,” Hill said.