Popular taco shop is back

Tacopotamus is returning to Munising, as the popular taco shop will be moving to Superior Street next week. The Deployed Capital entity has taken over the old Alley Cats and Taco Primo building and will open next Wednesday.

“There were a lot of people who loved the taco product and we felt that was the best business plan or the location,” said Jason Biega, Director of Food and Beverage for Deployed Capital.

The menu takes inspiration from authentic, street and Americanized varieties of tacos, burritos and more. Popular items like walking tacos and churro donuts return, but burritos, salad bowls and quesadillas will join the menu. Serving sizes are big with beans and rice sides available.

Biega said the ingredients allow lots of different creative combinations, letting the customer enjoy multiple types of dishes.

“I want people to come into Tacopotamus and order multiple things that are going to be extremely satisfying,” he said. “You order six different things, because you want this and you want that. I want to offer as much as I can.”

Originally operating as a food truck near the Hillside East party store on H 58, Tacopotamus took last summer off as staffing and availability was needed at other dining properties. This year, Deployed Capital have the resources to operate both the brick and mortar location downtown and the food truck near Connors Road, with the food truck opening at a to be determined date near the beginning of July.

“It’s been a better hiring year than ever before. I think it showcases the products we’re putting out and the quality of service we provide and people want to be a part of it,” Biega said. “We’re seeing more quality of staff applying with us with larger skill sets.”

While Alley Cats is no longer available, some menu items will live on through other locations in the Deployed Capital portfolio. Most of these will be at Eh Burger, who has an increased chicken menu on its offseason menu.

The change from Alley Cats to Tacopotamus also showcases another food truck expanding into a brick and mortar location. With Toby’s Dog House already in place and Happy’s Pizza moving into the old bowling alley as part of that renovation project, Tacopotamus is the third example of a food truck setting down more permanent roots. This is the first case where a food truck brand has expanded into a brick and mortar as an expansion, even though the downtown location will be the flagship place for Javie the Hippo and the Tacopotamus crew.

“When going down the road of brick and mortar, you have to offer more of a selection. The trailer, you’re focusing on a very specific set of six tacos, where the customer expectation is extremely high and we delivered on that,” Biega said. “We will continue to deliver on that. I think for a brick and mortar to work and be successful, it has to broaden its consumer base.”

Tacopotamus will open to the public on Wednesday, June 7 and will be open 11 a.m.8 p.m. from Tuesday through Saturday. Biega said that it is a goal to be open seven days a week if possible for scheduling and will be addressed throughout the summer.