Higher Love recognized for organic certification

Ottawa Innovations, the cultivation arm of Higher Love Cannabis Co., was recognized as the first cannabis producer in the U.P. to attain the Clean Green certification.

“We are commiteed to the health and well-being of our customers. By employing organic management practices at our cultivation facility, we allow this amazing medicinal plant to express its full management potential, passing on the highest health benefits to our customers,” said Higher Love President Joni Moore. “We have always grown in soil and have always used organic- based nutrients, so we are very excited now to have the official Clean Green certification.”

While other organic products are often distringuished by the official certification of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there is no federal equivalent for the cannabis industry. The Clean Green Certification Program was established in 2004, aimed at installing standards for participants in the cannabis market. Using USDA guidelines seen in similar industries, Clean Green evaluates the cultivation methods of cannabis strains. This certification delivers an assurance to consumers regarding the environmentally responsible conditions in which the product was cultivated, how plants were maintained through the growing process, and the procedures applied during processing and storage.

“This Clean Green certification will elevate your Higher Love visit.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will share important info on this accredited certification and what it means for consumers. Beyond that we are excited to be rolling out new labels on all our fresh deli flower that will highlight the specific home-grown strains that are certified “Clean Green”, making it easy to shop and experience the difference,” said Higher Love Marketing Director Taylor Busch-Anderson.

The award is just another recognition for the dispensary brands operating in Munising. There are three dispensary companies in the city: Higher Love, The Fire Station and Munising Cannabis Company. All three have received multiple statewide recognitions for various employment, sustainability and quality programs.