Letter to the Editor

ACRC should post meeting minutes

It is my belief that those who serve at the local and state levels of government have as a county whole, our best interests guiding those big and little decisions. However, I also believe my voice counts but it only counts if I have the proper information.

In our current culture of mistrust, it has become evident that all government agencies, both local and state, must be prepared to share agendas and meeting minutes with the public. Failure to do so potentially creates unsubstantiated beliefs and rumors regarding a particular board’s decision(s). Recently, this has become a problem with our Alger County Road Commission.

The Alger County Road Commission does not post meeting minutes or agendas, although they appear to have the capabilities. As a county resident, I question why they aren’t posted? I wonder what is being hidden — maybe nothing — but public perception is important.

Mary Joan O’Halloran-Torongo Rock River Township

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