Letters to the Editor

Recently in Louisville, a 25 year-old with mental health issues killed five innocent people and injured eight others with an AR-15 assault style weapon, before being fatally shot by police inside the bank where he worked.

His parents said: 1) He shouldn’t have been able to purchase the rifle because of his mental state (Red Flag law should/could have prevented him from walking into store and walking out with weapon and ammunition in 40 minutes).

2) An extensive background check may have stopped his purchase.

3) A several day waiting period before his possessing the assault weapon may have stopped his purchase.

4) More and better mental health treatment and hospitalization may have helped him deal with his problems.

5) There is no reason why really smart people can’t find a solution to this problem.

A voter said you were elected to pass resolutions 2023-07 and 2023-08 – which you quickly did. Now another voter is saying you were elected to deal with other issues. What are you doing to deal with mental health care in Alger County now and in the future?

The proverbial “musket ball” bullet is in your court. Do something before it happens to us!

Sincerely, Roy Aho