The working grocer

This photo was taken on the working side of Bob’s IGA today — the area behind the swinging doors just down a few steps from the isle-beer, bread, and crazy-good cheesecakes. I chose to take this picture on the non-grocery side of the building because this is where it all happens.

Running a grocery store is work, hard work, some would say not-too-glamorous work as well, but it’s work that must be done and Bob just seems to roll with it all. I will admit I’ve taken Mr. St. Amour’s efforts for granted, I’m betting we all have at times, it’s because he does things so well that it’s easy to come to expect a fully stocked and clean grocery store every time we walk in. Thank you, Bob, for all you’ve done for our community over the years. Good luck in retirement, I hope it’s a lasting healthy one.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank you for allowing me the privilege of taking your portrait today. I will be proudly adding this photo to the growing collection of Munising folks I’m honored to have known and photographed.