Letter to the Editor Policy

The Munising Beacon, in supporting the access and application of the First Amendment Right to the Press, actively encourages citizens to write letters to the editor. Due to space, readers will be allotted one letter to the editor per month and limited to 400 words or less. Letters can be submitted through U.S.

Mail or through email with the subject “Letter to the Editor”. Letters are subject to editing into the AP Style of grammar, but if editing for grammar increases the word count, the letter shall still be published.

Letters containing language or content that is blatantly offensive, letters based on proven inaccuracies or letters considered libelous will not be published. While facts can be used to justify a position, letters should focus on the opinion of the writer.

Letters must be included with a full name, municipality of residency and a phone number. If a letter is deemed to be found outside the scope of this policy, Beacon staff will make a reasonable attempt to contact the writer why the letter would not be considered for publication and will let writers resubmit their letter if edited to fit policy.

Phone numbers will not be published in the Beacon. If a letter is submitted through email, email addresses will not be published.

Deadline for Letters to the Editor will be the Monday before publication at 3 p.m. local time.

Letters that come after deadline will be placed in the Beacon the following week. If there is not enough room for all letters to the editor, letters will be published on a first come, first served basis.