A regional movement

As donations and fundraisers occur across the region, touching moments have showed the humanity and the support to the Weaver Family. While local examples make us proud, showcasing the dozens of other offerings of support is crucial in understanding the totality of regional resiliency and love. As of publication, each pin represents at least one fundraiser event, business providing proceeds or school to show their support.

“The support and love that has been shown to the Weaver family is truly incredible. These difficult times help us all to realize how quickly things can change and how beautiful life is in every way, and that there are so many things in this world not worth worrying about. We are sending all of our love and prayers to the Weaver family, from the Big Bay de Noc Black Bears.” Angie Carley Big Bay de Noc Athletic Director “I think we’re all affected by this when we’re all traveling every day, so it’s nice to see the entire U.P. come together. It’s crazy to think of the reach so far and the love that is being shared.” Nicole Lasak Munising Athletic Director “The loss of two parents on the way to a school basketball game is tragic, and Munising Baptist has been in prayer for everyone impacted by this loss. We trust that God’s plans are better than ours and ask Him to comfort the hurting during these difficult times. May we never take our time with friends and family for granted.” Ethan M. Van Bruggen Munising Baptist Principal/AD “When we heard about this heartbreaking tragedy we knew we had to do everything we could to support the family. The U.P. is one big family and it’s amazing to see everyone come together in times like this. It really showed that there is still good in the world seeing how much the community was willing to support the Weaver family.” Jennine Mallory Superior Central Athletic Boosters President “The minute it happened, your gut started getting to you. You don’t realize that your family has been on the road for so many games. I’m very proud of the community. The U.P. is a pretty tight place and always has been and it really comes together in times like this.” Mark Branstrom Mid Peninsula Athletic Director