Authors meet at Falling Rock

Local authors held a meet and greet at the Falling Rock Café & Bookstore on Saturday, Aug. 26 in Munising. The wordsmiths said the event was a great way to connect with the community.

“It just gives me a chance to talk to people,” said John Highland, one of the seven writers featured at the event.

“People see a cover, but something like this lets me talk about what I wrote.” The event was well attended between local and visiting readers, blended in with the regular coffee shop customers. The writers all had their own tables in the large sitting room of the bookstore, similar to a convention. Some of the writers gave a reading of their various essays, chapters and guides, but were far enough away from the tables to give everyone a more one-onone experience.

Falling Rock has done events like this in the past and other smaller bookstores in the U.P. do similar meet and greets.

Besides single-author events at the library, the Falling Rock events are usually the only type of author engagement opportunities in Munising.

That connection with the local area can be important for many authors. While some authors like Highland focus on the natural beauty and experiences of the region in non-fiction formats, other writers like Megan Lynn Rose use the area as a setting for their own narratives.

“This area greatly inspired these books, so it’s great to do an event here and reconnect,” Rose said. “I think it’s great to meet with other local authors with people coming in and sipping coffee, and hopefully finding their next book to read.”