Limestone explosion under investigation

A house was destroyed after an explosion on Thursday, Aug.

24 on Shore Road in Limestone Township.

The force of the explosion was enough to blow the glass from the windows about 20 feet from the foundation.

After the explosion, the remaining parts of the structure caught on fire. A man at the property, when the explosion happened, was able to walk to a neighbor’s house to call 911, but the fire was already at full blaze before first responders could respond. The house was a complete loss and a pickup truck parked near the house was also destroyed in the fire.

“It just burned right to the ground,” said Mathias Township Volunteer Fire Chief Brian Hoy. “It wasn’t so much the explosion, but the fire that did it.”

The explosion is still under further investigation, but it was believed that some sort of gas leak was responsible, according to Hoy. It was unclear if the man was injured in the explosion, but there were no fatalities or serious injuries in the event. Volunteer fire departments from Rock River Township and Au Train Township also joined in mutual aid to contain the post-explosion fire.